Point Spread Playbook - NFL Stats & Handicapping

2011 NFL Season Edition

It includes these features:

"O'Donnell has credentials and shows it again with a quality effort for the player looking for well-compiled, insightful information. Point Spread Playbook contributes solid handicapping informational factors. The book is an 8 x 11 format and reads easily. Well worth the price. THE PROS STUDY THIS ONE!"

About the Point Spread Playbook

The Point Spread Playbook is a detailed analysis of the forthcoming NFL football season. The book has been described as the 'ultimate handicapping guide' and is relied by professional bettors and serious football betting enthusiasts across America and around the world.

Having said that, this book just isn’t for the Pro NFL Bettor; it can help anyone become one!

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Point Spread Playbook is compiled by Al O'Donnell, one of America's most respected NFL football handicappers. For years he has been helping serious bettors make money betting on the NFL. Read more about Al O'Donnell or see what Las Vegas has to say about his work.

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